Бесплатно Admin Menu 0.1.32 2019-09-23

A GUI menu

  1. malone
    A GUI menu that can be used for;
    • Managing permissions for groups and individual players
    • Creating and removing groups
    • Adding and removing players from groups
    • Running chat and console commands
    • Giving items to players
    Chat Command
    /admin - Opens the menu. (Requires permission adminmenu.use)

    adminmenu.use - Required to open the menu and access the commands section
    adminmenu.permissions - Required to access the permission section
    adminmenu.groups - Required to access the groups section
    adminmenu.give - Required to access the Give menu

    Commands Menu (Requires permission adminmenu.use)
    You can set chat and console commands that can be run via the menu. These commands are run as if the user is typing it themselves so any commands will need the relevant permission/authlevel to be run. You can also give items to players from the "give" submenu