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About Air Event

The event is an alternative to the usual cargo ship, but it is only in the air

The chat notification about the airship with scientists arrival to the island begins the event
A smoke screen appears in the air after the time is up (it is possible to deactivate the smoke screen in the configuration), then the airship with scientists appears
There are 2 locked, 2 elite, 2 military, 2 standard crates and 16 NPCs on the airship as the default
The location and loot of all the crates/NPCs can be changed in the configuration, you can add or remove unnecessary crates/NPCs
There are 2 CCTV cameras by which you can track the availabilities of locked crates on the airship (the name of the cameras can be changed in the configuration)
The looting of both locked crates is the condition for the completion of the event. After that the players have time to depart the airship. They can use the transport that they arrived on it or use hot air balloons on the airship (you need be inside the basket of the hot air balloon)

Dependencies Required
NpcSpawn -Included with this download

Dependencies (optional, not required)

Chat commands (only for administrators)
/airstart – starting of the event
/airstop – ending of the event
/airpos – determining the position and rotation coordinates for changing the location of NPCs and crates.It should write in the configuration (Attention! The event must be started, the current position of the administrator in relation to the cargoship is read)

Console commands (RCON only)
airstart – starting of the event
airstop – ending of the event

Plugin Config
"Minimum time between events [sec.]"
"Maximum time between events [sec.]"
"Duration of the event [sec.]"
"Time before the starting of the event after receiving a chat message [sec.]"
"Time until the end of the event after the last locked crate has been looted [sec.]"
"Time to spawn each object during a airship appears on the map [sec.]"
"Do you want to use the AlphaLoot in crates? [true/false]"
"Do you want to use the CustomLoot in crates? [true/false]"
"Do you create a PVP zone in the event area? (only for users TruePVE plugin) [true/false]"
"Interrupt the teleport in a airship? (only for users NTeleportation plugin) [true/false]"
"Prefix of chat messages"
"Do you use the chat? [true/false]"
"The first CCTV camera"
"The second CCTV camera"
"Height above the ground for the event appearance"
"Do you want to make a smoke screen for the airship appearance? [true/false]"

"List of items"
  • "ShortName"
  • "Minimum"
  • "Maximum"
  • "Chance [0.0-100.0]"
  • "Is this a blueprint? [true/false]"
  • "SkinID (0 - default)"
  • "Name (empty - default)"
"Own loot table"
  • "Minimum numbers of items"
  • "Maximum numbers of items"
  • "List of items"
"Crates setting"
  • "Prefab"
  • "Position"
  • "Rotation"
  • "Use your own loot table? [true/false]"
  • "Own loot table"
"Locked crates setting"
  • "Time to unlock the crates [sec.]"
  • "Increase the event time if it's not enough to unlock the locked crate? [true/false]"
  • "Which loot table should the plugin use? (0 - default, BetterLoot, MagicLoot; 1 - own; 2 - AlphaLoot; 3 - CustomLoot)"
  • "Own loot table"
"Marker configuration on the map"
  • "Name"
  • "Radius"
  • "Alpha"
  • "Marker color"
  • "Outline color"
"Dome setting"
  • "Do you use the dome? [true/false]"
  • "Darkening the dome"
"GUI setting"
  • "Do you use the countdown GUI? [true/false]"
  • "AnchorMin"
  • "AnchorMax"
"GUI Announcements setting"
  • "Do you use the GUI Announcements? [true/false]"
  • "Banner color"
  • "Text color"
  • "Adjust Vertical Position"
"Notify setting"
  • "Do you use the Notify? [true/false]"
  • "Type"
"Discord setting (only for users DiscordMessages plugin)"
  • "Do you use the Discord? [true/false]"
  • "Webhook URL"
  • "Embed Color (DECIMAL)"
  • "Keys of required messages"
"NPCs setting"
  • "Location of all NPCs"
  • "Wear items"
  • "Belt items"
  • "Kit"
  • "Name (empty - default)"
  • "Health"
  • "Attack Range Multiplier"
  • "Sense Range"
  • "Target Memory Duration [sec.]"
  • "Scale damage"
  • "Aim Cone Scale"
  • "Detect the target only in the NPC's viewing vision cone? [true/false]"
  • "Vision Cone"
  • "Disable radio effects? [true/false]"
  • "Remove a corpse after death? [true/false]"
  • "Which loot table should the plugin use? (0 - default; 1 - own; 2 - AlphaLoot; 3 - CustomLoot; 4 - loot table of the Rust objects; 5 - combine the 1 and 4 methods)"
  • "Loot table from prefabs (if the loot table type is 4 or 5)"
  • "Own loot table"
"Economy setting"
  • "Enabled? [true/false]"
  • "Looting of crates"
  • "Killing an NPC"
  • "Hacking a locked crate"





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