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Бесплатно BlackJack 0.1.3

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Joining a game:
Simply sit down on any of the chairs game and the game UI will popup. If you join after the betting has finished you will be able to view the current match, but will not be able to play until the next match.
To leave a game the player just need to click the "Leave Table" button at the top right of the game screen

Commands (Require the player is admin)Just place a table then look at it and do the following command
/casino create <type> <maximum players> <minimum bet> <bet maximum> - Creates the specified type of card game, with the details provided

/casino setbet <type> <shortname> - Sets the bet type for the card game you are looking at
Types: Item / ServerRewards / Economics. Note that only the type of Item will require a item shortname

/casino remove - Removes the card game you are looking at
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