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Buried Treasure 1.0.5 + поддержка RustShop 2018-11-06

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это он добавил поддержку для использования с плагином RustShop.
В конфиге появится параметр начисления денег в магазин с продажи одной монеты.

Add Treasure Maps to your server
Maps will work with:
- Economics Plugins
- Server Rewards Plugin
- Kits plugin
- GUI Shop plugin
as well as chance to drop with standard loot !!

(Better full video with detailed explanation coming soon)

that will allow players to Use the map to mark a treasure location on there ingame map. Player can then go to the site and uncover a Treasure Chest with loot, and chances to spawn better maps and gold as well.

Four Levels of Treasure Maps (Basic, Uncommon, Rare and Elite)
Basic Treasure Maps will spawn Basic Crate prefab listed in config.
Uncommon Treasure Maps will spawn Uncommon Crate prefab listed in config.
Rare Treasure Maps will spawn Rare Crate prefab listed in config.
Elite Treasure Maps will spawn Elite Crate prefab listed in config.

Here are some Pictures of the Maps and Gold if you need them:
Map_Basic.png Basic Map - Skin ID = 1389950043
Map_UnCommon.png Uncommon Map - Skin ID = 1390209788
Map_Rare.png Rare Map - Skin ID = 1390210901
Map_Elite.png Elite Map - Skin ID = 1390211736
Gold_Coins.png Gold Coins - Skin ID = 1376561963
SERVER ADMIN NOTE !!! By default, the plugin does not randomly spawn maps or gold in standard loot spawns. But that can be changed via config option. As well as the chance to get a Map or Gold. But it does not effect spawned loot crates already in game. Only new ones that spawn after enabled. Best Bet to fill all them is to restart server with the option set to true :)
The Treasure Maps and Gold Coins are based on the in game NOTE item.. The first time players finds a Note that is special.. it will have to download the skin to show player its a Map or a Coin.. FYI.

How to players use them ?
When a player Loots, finds or buys a map, they can move it to there quick bar, and Right Click it as if they where doing a quick loot.. Which will remove the map, reply to player what Grid location the loot is in, then mark players in game map with a "explosion" icon ONLY THEY CAN SEE !!.
Players can then make there way to that location. Once player gets within 10 ft or so, it will announce to player the loot is nearby and remove the in game map icon. Treasure Chest should be very close to player on ground level.
Now player can open loot and take the booty !!! Chests have a default chance to include another Random Treasure Map and Gold coins as well.
Players can exchange Gold Coins for Reward Points (if sever rewards used) or for Economic Currency (is its used).

Permissions : (No perms needed to use maps at all)
buriedtreasure.admin - allows admin to manually give themselves any level treasure map and gold for testing or giveways. see below for commands available for these players.

Player Chat Commands :
/markmap - while player is holding a Treasure map, it will let them mark the location on there map with "explosion" icon to show approx. location of Treasure. Map will be used up. Players can also Right click quick move a map that is in there quick bar to do the same.
/sellgold - while player is holding gold coins, it will let them sell them for Reward points or Economic currency if enabled. Players can also Right click quick move a map that is in there quick bar to do the same.
/treasurehelp - will show player a list of commands for this plugin.

F1 Console Commands : (only for authorized buriedtreasure.admin players)
buymap - gives player a basic map to inventory
buyuncommonmap - gives player a uncommon map to inventory
buyraremap - gives player rare map to inventory
buyelitemap - gives player elite map to inventory
buyrandommap - gives player a random map to inventory
givegold - gives player gold to inventory
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