CarCommander 0.2.59

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Custom vehicle control and settings - Including reverse and handbrake
Take passengers with you - 4 players total
Individual entry and exit points - Walk to the door of the seat you want to sit in
Vehicle inventory - That persists through restarts meaning you won't lose any items you have in the trunk
Vehicle auto-spawner. Designate a spawn file and a maximum amount of cars to have on the map at any given time
Friends and Clans support - To manage your passengers if you so choose
Health and Fuel UI - Status bars depicting how much health and fuel you have
Use ignition keys - Prevent others from stealing your ride
Hotwire vehicles - Steal other players rides
Lock the trunk with a key/code lock - Prevent unwanted looting
Collision damage - Watch out for obstacles
carcommander.use - Required to drive these vehicles
carcommander.canspawn - Allows players to use the chat command to spawn cars (/spawncar)
carcommander.canbuild - Allows players to use the chat command to build cars (/buildcar)
carcommander.admin - Required to manually spawn cars in via chat or console command (/admincar)
carcommander.ignorecooldown - Players with this permission will not be affected by chat command spawn cooldowns

Chat Commands
/spawncar - Spawns a car on your position. This command uses the spawn cooldown system and all cars spawned via this command are saved. (Requires permission ' carcommander.canspawn ')

/buildcar - Allow players to build cars for a cost defined in the config (Requires permission ' carcommand.canbuild ')

/admincar - Spawns a car on your position. This command does not use the cooldown system and by default these cars are not saved. You can opt to save these cars by adding the argument 'save' after the command. (Requires permission ' carcommander.admin ')

/clearcars - Remove all cars spawned via this plugin

/copykey - Allows the key holder to make a copy of the ignition key (if applicable)

/hotwire - Allows player to attempt to hot wire a vehicle (if applicable)
* Once a vehicle had been hot wired it will never need a key to start

/flipcar - Allows players to flip upside down cars (if enabled in the config)

Console Commands
spawncar <playerId> - Spawn a car in front of the player with the specified ID
spawncar <x> <y> <z> <opt:save> <opt:rotation> - Spawn a car at the co-ordinates provided, with option to save the car and set its rotation
clearcars - Remove all saved cars

*Note: Cars spawned via the admin chat or console command are not saved through restarts. If you would like to save these vehicles then add "save" to the end of the command
ex. "/admincar save" - Chat
ex. "spawncar 7420........ save" - Console player spawn
ex. "spawncar 100 0 100 save" - Console position spawn

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