ClansREBORN 2.14.9

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Native (optional) TeamUI integration for each clan:

Clans Management tools listed from client-console:

Clans Management tools listed from server-console:

Example command outputs:

Clans help view example:

Feature overview:
  • It provides native NTeleportation support for setting homes and teleport requests
  • Players can be invited being alive (online, sleeping) and dead (not alive)
  • Invited players being not in game get their clan invitation displayed 3 secs after login
  • It supports an optional alliance function for clan interaction
  • Clans have a clan internal friendly-fire protection
  • Friendly fire protection can be optionally extended on allied clan members
  • Clan/Ally chats will display the name of the speaker with their colored clan status
  • Clan broadcasts show any action like invite or demote with the actors clan status color
  • The clan overview shows now also Offline member names
  • The clan TAG min- and max-length can now be defined by config
  • Clan creation can check TAG’s against a blocked wordlist
  • Clan tagging can be optionally disabled
  • It can create/manage automatic Oxide clan groups including their members
  • Old (not updated since x days ) clans can be automatically purged
  • Authorized players can rename existing clans
  • All authorized players of authLevel 1 and 2 can direct broadcast into a clan channel
  • All default chat commands are changeable.
  • All plugins colors can be formatted
  • All texts are available by language-file
  • The plugin has full support for the default saved Clans data format
  • RustIO dependency was removed
  • Delete your OLD /config/Clans.json in config folder (if exist)
  • run and make a copy of /data/rustio_clans.json (if exist)
  • Install the plugin over the old (if exist)
  • The clans data file is full compatible with public version of ClansIO (not the universal version)
  • The clans-data will be saved into /config/Clans.json
    Once this was done once, you could delete the old clans(io)-file.

TeamUI integration to gain seamless integration with the native controls.
  "Teaming": {
    "allowButtonKick": true, // to enable/disable the kick function by overlay for the owner
    "allowButtonLeave": true, // to enable/disable the simple leave for each member
    "allowDirectInvite": true, // to enable/disable the direct playerinvite for the owner
    "allowPromoteLeader": true, // to enable/disable the direct promote of another owner
    "clientRefreshInterval": 5.0, // defines the interval how often the clan will send out a refresh to each online player
    "disableManageFunctions": false, // enable/disable any (above mentioned) UI interactions
    "listDeadOfflineMembers": false, // to list also "dead & offline" normal members; member with any role are always listed
    "useRankColorsPanel": true, // uses the clan rank colors also for the UI-Panel
    "useRelationshipManager": true // enables/disables the whole Team-Extensions
/a - chat to allied members
/clan - the clan overview
/clan help | /clanhelp - shows the help
/clan ally | /clanally - shows the ally options (owner or council)
/c - clan chat
/cinfo - info about other clans
/cff - toggles players ff status
Each command can be altered on our own need
  "Commands": {
    "chatCommandAllyChat": "a",
    "chatCommandClan": "clan",
    "chatCommandClanChat": "c",
    "chatCommandClanInfo": "cinfo",
    "chatCommandFF": "cff",
    "subCommandClanAlly": "ally",
    "subCommandClanHelp": "help"
Console Commands:
(all also working client-side)
clans.cmds - lists all console commands (client and server)
clans - console command overview (client only)
Their access from clientside depends on the config:
  "Permission": {
    "authLevelCreate": 2,
    "authLevelDisband": 2,
    "authLevelInvite": 1,
    "authLevelKick": 2,
    "authLevelPromoteDemote": 1,
    "authLevelRename": 1
Clan creation can check TAG’s against a blocked wordlist
This function is enabled by default
The wordlist can be extended in the main config
Clan renames by server/admin/mod do not check this filter
  "WordFilter": {
    "Words": [
Automated clan disbanding (purging) is disabled by default
It can purge “not updated” clans older then x days
Every clan will have two times for this to make work
Time clan was created
Time clan was last updated
As update actions it counts the following:
  "Purge": {
    "listPurgedClans": false, // true to list the purge results on load
    "notUpdatedSinceDays": 14, // delay to get purged with no recent activity
    "purgeOldClans": false, // true does enable the purge function
    "wipeClansOnNewSave": false // true does fully wipe on a new map/save
  "BetterChat": {
    "clanChatDenyOnMuted": false, // true does also block players for clan chat on mute by BC
    "clanTagClosing": "]", // the closing tag shown by BC
    "clanTagColorBetterChat": "#aaff55", // the color used by BC
    "clanTagOpening": "[", // the opening tag shown by BC
    "clanTagSizeBetterChat": 15 // the site used by BC
  "Formatting": {
    "broadcastMessageColor": "#e0e0e0",
    "broadcastPrefix": "(CLAN)",
    "broadcastPrefixAlly": "(ALLY)",
    "broadcastPrefixColor": "#a1ff46",
    "broadcastPrefixFormat": "<color={0}>{1}</color> ",
    "clanCouncilColor": "#b573ff",
    "clanMemberColor": "#fcf5cb",
    "clanModeratorColor": "#74c6ff",
    "clanOwnerColor": "#a1ff46",
    "clanServerColor": "#ff3333",
    "colorClanFFOff": "lime",
    "colorClanFFOn": "red",
    "colorClanNamesOverview": "#b2eece",
    "colorCmdUsage": "#ffd479",
    "colorTextMsg": "#e0e0e0",
    "consoleName": "ServerOwner",
    "pluginPrefix": "CLANS",
    "pluginPrefixColor": "orange",
    "pluginPrefixFormat": "<color={0}>{1}</color>: ",
    "pluginPrefixREBORNColor": "#ce422b",
    "pluginPrefixREBORNShow": true
allowedSpecialChars: !²³
Allowed extra chars for clan tags
friendlyFireNotifyTimeout: 5
Timeout for FF notifications
inviteValidDays: 1
Delete claninvites after x days
limitAlliances: 2
Ally limit per clan
limitMembers: 8
Member limit per clan
limitModerators: 2
Moderator limit per clan
tagLengthMax: 6
Maximum tag length
tagLengthMin: 2
Maximum tag length
setHomeMember: true
Members can set homes on clan foundations
setHomeModerator: true
Moderators can set homes on clan foundations
setHomeOwner: true
Owners can set homes on clan foundations
The plugin can automate the management of dedicated oxide permission groups.
For each clan, and also for each member who joins and also leaves.
The plugin will auto-create the groups, checks memberships, validate groups, delete groups, remove members, etc.
  "Permission": {
    "authLevelClanInfo": 0, // accesslevel for claninfo
    "permGroupPrefix": "clan_", // the groups prefix, when clans shall manage automated groups
    "permissionToCreateClan": "clans.cancreate", // if enabled, the permission for clan creation
    "permissionToJoinClan": "clans.canjoin", // if enabled, the permission to join a clan
    "usePermGroups": false, // true does enable the group automation
    "usePermToCreateClan": false, // true does force to have permission to create a clan
    "usePermToJoinClan": false // true does force to have permission to join a clan
  "Settings": {
    "enableAllyFFOPtion": true, // true does extend friendlyfire protection to allied members
    "enableClanAllies": false, // true does enable ally functions
    "enableClanTagging": true, // true does enable clan tagging for displaynames
    "enableComesOnlineMsg": true, // true does inform a clan of members coming online
    "enableFFOPtion": true, // true does enable friendlyfire functions
    "enableWhoIsOnlineMsg": true, // true does list a player any other online members
    "enableWordFilter": true, // true does enable the clan creation wordfilter
    "forceAllyFFNoDeactivate": true, // true = friendlyfire cannot be disabled for allied members
    "forceClanFFNoDeactivate": false, // true = friendlyfire cannot be disabled for clan members
    "forceNametagsOnTagging": false // true will force-refresh nametag changes, when tagging is also used
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