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Deekay is a accurate alternative that will decay the decay of any entity you have enabled in the config that is outside of a cupboard range with a very low impact on server performance

It allows you to set custom decay rates and amounts for every entity type (grade and building) if you want to or set a default rate for everything.

Decay Other plugins will do a server wide search for all entities that meet criteria, and then search for nearby cupboards for each one. They then deal damage to all the entities at once which can result in a lag spike as the plugin is doing alot of work at once.
However This monitors all entities from the moment they spawn and checks if the entity is within the privilege. Each entity is assigned its own decay manager which allows the damage to be dealt to each entity in a staggered pattern instead of all at once.

The config will auto-generate and add new entities when they are added to the game. You can set the default options each entity type will start with and then modify them to suit your needs

How to set the default settings
In your config there is a entry called "Decay - 1. Default decay settings for all entities when the plugin first loads". This is the base settings each entity type will receive upon config generation. If you want to change the defaults, simply modify the values of the section in the config and run the dk.reset command in rcon/console

"workbench3.deployed": { // Entity short name
"Inside of privilege": { // Decay options if the entity is inside of building privilege
"Damage per decay tick (% of max health)": 5.0, // This entity will take 5% of maximum health damage every decay decay pass
"Decay Time between passes": 3600.0 // This entity will run a decay pass every 3600 seconds
"Outside of privilege": { // Decay options if the entity is outside of building privilege
"Damage per decay tick (% of max health)": 20.0,
"Decay Time between passes": 3600.0
"Decay is enabled for this entity": true // This plugin will issue decay to this entity

The DamageRate is a percentage of the entity''s max health. If the entity has 1000 health with a damage rate of 0.2 then it would be 200 damage per decay tick. (1 = 100%, 0.8 = 80%, 0.42 = 43% etc)

Decay usage and player activity
There are 2 config options regarding this: "Activity - Player activity nearby will reset decay timers" and "Activity - Radius of effect"
The first will toggle whether player activity (doors being opened and structures being repaired) will affect the decay timers, if so it will reset the timers for decay surrounding all entities (in the radius of "Activity - Radius of effect")

Console Commands
dk.reset - This will reset your entire config to the settings you save in "_DefaultDecay"
dk.rundecay - This will manually run decay on every valid entity and their current reset decay timer. ** Note that this command is purely for testing purposes, running decay decay is enabled on every entity at once will likely cause a lag spike
dk.setall <twigs/wood/stone/metal/toptier> <inside/outside> <damage amount (0 - 100 : percent of maximum health)> <decay timer (seconds)> - Set damage and time for all building blocks of the specified tier
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