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Бесплатно Deepwater Rig Event 1.0.22 2019-09-23

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Players can sail out to see to get the riches that are bountiful on this Deepwater Rig. But the rig has many hidden dangers. There are 4 STAGES of the event spawn.
** Event Rundown **
Once a EVENT rig spawns, it will broadcast its Grid location to all players and show a Loot map marker on the map. Players can easily find it on the map and get there fast. When Stage 1 starts, it will broadcast to all players. Which means the CH47 has landed on the Rig for refueling. It has a few Scientists aboard that do not like to be disturbed. But wait, something goes wrong after a short while. Stage 2 will start and broadcast to all. Fire and explosions. Not good. Helicopter goes down. Hackable loot crate is dropped on lower deck. Get there fast to start the timer players. The rig is getting very unstable. Hack Timer is set for 3:20. Stage 3 Will start soon. This is the start of the Serious Rig issues. Players will have to watch out while they wait for the Hackable crate to unlock.( You will see). They can "attempt" to get the normal loot crate spawns around the Rig. ha ha. Then Stage 4 should start. The crate should be unlocked or soon to be. But beware, the Rig is very unstable and I would advise to get OFF NOW !!!!
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