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Diseases brings the pandemic into Rust, adding fully configurable diseases that can be spread between entities. The diseases can be configured to apply various negative effects to entity and you can determine how (and when) they are spread to others. The diseases can affect not only players, but anyentities that are defined within the disease data folder (located in /oxide/data/Diseases).
By default the disease Norovirus is included in the data folder. This virus can affect any player, npc, or animal and causes vomitting. If an entity vomits near another elligible entity, they have a high chance of becoming infected. The Norovirus lasts a while, but can be cured with Anti-Radiation pills. Norovirus has a small chance of inititally randomly infecting an individual over time, but can also be contracted by eating rotten food in addition to spreading from another infected individual.
This is just the default disease that is generated when you install the plugin. If you do not wish this disease to be generated you can set the Generate Default Disease (true/false) setting in the configuration to false. Though, I highly encourage using it as a template for creating your own disease, which is explained more in the Customization section.
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