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Independent sharing functions for the following game components:

  • Tool Cupboards
  • Doors (with CodeLocks)
  • BoxStorages (with CodeLocks)
  • AutoTurrets
  • Lockers (with CodeLocks)
  • Quarries (blocks unwanted access)
Automated self-authorization for fresh placed:

  • Tool Cupboards
  • AutoTurrets
It provides full compatibility with the first 4 plugins:

  • Clans REBORN
  • Friends API
  • Rust:IO Friends (inbuilt into Rust:IO)
  • Rust:IO Clans
  • NOT Tested: Friends Universal
  • NOT Tested: Clans Universal
For Clans, it works ONLY with ClansREBORN to remove players from each others cupboards, when a players got kicked, he left, or the clan was removed or disbanded. The public Clans version does miss the return of the needed informations to let it work with.
The sharing itself works with every version Clans.

Cupboard-sharing functional description:
The Cupboard sharing function gives everyone who enters the cupboard, the range of a friend/clan-member, instant building rights, when the owner of the cup has activated the sharing function and also the owner itself is authorized on his cupboard. It also provides seamless traveling through the friends/clan-members zones inside a cupboard base.

Door, Locker - and BoxStorage-sharing functional description:
The door/locker/sharing box does only open the door/locker/box. It does not add the friend/clan-member to the codelock whitelists. With this, each deployed by players codelocks will stay secure and can't be changed or removed by any person other then the owner himself.
Disabling the door/box sharing or removal of friends/clan-members will result in instant deny at trying to open such doors/boxes.
Turret sharing functional description:
Turret sharing works basically in same way like door sharing. The turrets don't target those players, which got shared protection by a friend/clan-member.

Automatic authorization functional description:
When the player has activated this and places a cupboard or a turret, the player will be automatic added to the cupboards/turret whitelist, in case of cupboard it also grants instant building rights, and retiuns a chat-feedback of this action.

There's only one command to use the full plugin functions:
By default its called /share and can be configured by the config.
All other functions are built as option switches and can be toggled by their shortcuts. All shortcuts are shown to the players in the plugin overview.
Admins have access to their own admin-mode:
By calling the command /admin share or /share adm each admin (authLevel2) can enable/disable his own admin-access status and then gets access to each locked door or box, gets everywhere buildings-rights can auth himself on any cups or can clear the lists, and is finally also protected from being targeted by any online turrets.

Config switches explained:


  • shareCommand: share
    Main chatcommand to use the plugin

  • checkColorData: #800000
    Textcolor cupcheck data for displaying
  • checkColorType: #800080
    Textcolor cupcheck type for displaying
  • checkDisplayTime: 20
    displaytime sub after the command was run
  • checkShowRangeAdmin: 50
    Max range to the admin to be shown to him
  • checkTextSize: 12
    Textsize for cupcheck info

  • colorCmdUsage: yellow
    color Command shortcuts
  • colorOFF: silver
    Switch disabled color
  • colorON: green
    color Switch enabled
  • colorTextMsg: white
    Textcolor for messages
  • pluginPrefix: DynaShare
    Plugin prefix
  • prefixColor: orange
    color Prefix
  • prefixFormat: <color={0}>{1}</color>:
    Prefix format

  • enableAutoAuth: true
    Enable automatic authorization feature
  • enableBoxSharing: true
    Enable boxstorage sharing function
  • enableCupSharing: true
    Enable cup sharing function
  • enableLockSharing: true
    Enable door sharing function
  • enableTurretSharing: true
    Enable turret sharing function

  • notifyAuthCupboard: true
    Chatfeedback on automatic authorization
  • notifyAuthTurret: true
    Chatfeedback on automatic authorization

  • useClans: true
    Enable usage of a supported clans plugin
  • useFriendsApi: true
    Enable usage of friends plugin
  • useFriendsIO: false
    Enable usage of Friends:IO
    (has priority if both enabled)

  • permGetClanShares: dynamiccupshare.getclanshares
  • permGetFriendShares: dynamiccupshare.getfriendshares
  • permGetShares: dynamiccupshare.autoauth
  • usePermAutoAuth: false
    Enable automatic authorization permission on
  • usePermGetClanShares: false
    Enable permission on getting clan based shared access
  • usePermGetFriendShares: false
    Enable permission on getting friends based shared access

  • AutoAuth: true
  • BoxShare: false
  • ClanBoxShare: true
  • ClanCupShare: true
  • ClanLockShare: true
  • ClanTurretShare: true
  • CupShare: false
  • LockShare: false
  • TurretShare: false

  • blockCupClearClanMembers: true
  • Prevents clearing of shared clan cupboards
  • blockCupClearFriends: true
    Prevents clearing of shared friends cupboards
  • clanTurretShareOverride: false
    Would always enable sharing clan turret turret to prevent mistakes inside bases
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