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Fire Sword 1.1.9

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Add flaming fire swords to the world of Rust. Authorized players can act as blacksmiths and craft the Fire Sword from any salvaged sword. It will give the sword a unique skin (can change in config) and a icon in inventory of a flame on it to designate its a fire sword. Sword can also be thrown for extra explosive attack, but It can suffer from rapid condition loss of sword. Admins can set swords to need fuel requirements or not.

New !! Admins can require materials to make Firesword.. besides the salvaged sword.
Admins can set fuel requirements to turn sword fire on or not.
Admins can toggle is sword decays on usage or not as well.
Upcoming: Admin can add the sword to loot spawns as well. ( I will show admins how to do this a little later) plus add a option to randomly turn any crafted/spawned salvaged sword into a fire sword.

Usage of Sword :
- Authorized Players (firesword.blacksmith permissions) can make a Fire Sword from any salvaged sword. Just equip the sword, type /firesword in chat, or firesword in console, then a fresh new firesword will be added to your inventory. (Note: it may take a few seconds for new skin to refresh itself)

- Any player who finds / loots / steals / robs.... and gets a firesword can use it. (just note make new ones) Unless this option is turned off. then all players will need perms to make and use it.

firesword.blacksmith - allows authorized user to make Fire Swords as they see fit.


/firesword - allows any player to toggle the fire sword flames as long as they are holding a fire sword. Also allows authorized players to make one if they are holding a regular salvaged sword.
firesword - same as above, but you can bind a key to this for easier toggle of flames off and on.

Default Configuration Options:
  "Damage - Chance - Likelyhood of Fireball spawn on Melee Fire Weapon Strike : (percentage) : ": 50.0,
  "Damage - Explosive - Amount added when Fire Weapon is Thrown : ": 100.0,
  "Damage - Heat - Amount of Heat Damage added with Melee/Throw attacks : ": 25.0,
  "Damage - Radius - Strike/Throw damage radius : ": 1.0,
  "Damage - Reduction - Use Victims Protection Values when damaging : ": true,
  "Durability - Deal random condition loss when Fire Weapon is Thrown : ": true,
  "Materials - _Require materials to use Fire Sword : ": true,
  "Materials - Explosion - Amount needed for Explosion : ": 20,
  "Materiais - Explosão - ID do material necessário para a explosão no lançamento de armas:": -1580059655,
  "Materiais - Chama - Quantidade PERTICK necessária para chamas:": 5,
  "Materiais - Chama - ID do material necessário para alimentar as chamas": 28178745,
  "Materials - Make Sword - Quantidade de materiais necessários para fazer Fire Sword:": 100,
  "Materials - Make Sword - ID do item necessário para fazer Fire Sword:": 28178745,
  "Materials - Make Sword - Exigir materiais para fazer Fire Sword:": false,
  "Materiais - Exigir que os materiais usem Fire Sword:": true,
  "Skin - ID de skin personalizada da skin steam steam Weapon: (Definido como 0 como padrão):": 813766930,
  "Uso - Armas de fogo encontradas / saqueadas podem ser usadas por qualquer pessoa: (não são necessárias permissões):": true
} [/ CODE]
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