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Бесплатно Rideable Horses 2.0.5

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This plugin adds rideable horses as seen in the video below. As of currently uploading this you can use /stophorse to stop any horse in a certain radius. I am working on a different system for taming horses, but that will be a different free plugin. You do not need to tame a horse to ride it though(unless configured) If you just hop on it will let you control it(also unless configured).

Code (Text):
tsunhorse.stophorse //Allows use of /stophorse
tsunhorse.ridehorse //Allows Riding Horses
Code (Text):
"HorseRiding": {
"Allowed animals": "horse", // "horse,bear,chicken" Add animals as you wish it is more supported than before
"Can the horse die(riding)": true, //Makes the horse invulnerable if false
"Middle mouse thirdperson": true, //press middle click to go thirdperson(admins use f3)
"Remove headbob": "", //Not supported because it looks dumb, but if you want to change it i.e. "horse,bear"
"Require Taming": false, //If you mount a horse not "tamed" it won't let you control it
"Sprint Speed": 12, // Can seem a bit fast change if you will
"Walk Speed": 2.13 //This is the speed a horse is at before the running animation
"StopHorse": {
"Command Cooldown(seconds)": 30, //Changes the cooldown of /stophorse
"Enable Command": true, //Stops horses in a radius
"Stop Radius": 10 // radius for /stophorse
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