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Бесплатно SharkBait 1.0.6

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When loaded, the plugin will automatically start selecting certain loot spawns floating and underwater diving sites to be shark enabled. If a player gets close enough to one of these, a shark will spawn and patrol that area. If player is close enough, it will attack them. When spawned Sharks will also attack boats and tip them over. So be careful. Sharks can be killed.. destroying any part of the shark will kill it entirely.

What do sharks Attack?
Sharks will move towards players, boats and corpses within aggro range there. Once inside the range, they will bite them as well. Chomp Chomp !!

Permissons :

sharkbait.admin - only needed to run the admin commands.

Commands for Chat: (only authorized players can use)
/sharkbait - will spawn a shark on that authorized players location in the water.
/sharkbait.respawn - will remove all sharks and shark spawners, then repopulate the world with new shark spawners.
/sharkbait.killall - will remove all sharks and shark spawners, but does NOT repopulate them.

Commands for Console (only authorized players can use, or server console)
sharkbait.respawn - will remove all sharks and shark spawners and then repopulate the world with shark spawners.. can be used from server console to re distribute sharks as needed.
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