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Players can buy or get Skyfall pack from RP store/ kits to use. All they have to do it equip the Pack on there back to be teleported to to to to to to the Plane to Skyfall, which will randomly fly a pattern over the game map. Once players are on Plane, they can Jump out to freefall back to the ground. Players will have to open there parachute by pressing the 'RELOAD' key while free falling.

No admin right required !!! Anyone can do it !!

Players are IMMUNE to damage once they get into the Skyfall plane or respawn in the air with a parachute. Players can then jump out of plane and there press "RELOAD" key to open chute there. Players can decide to jump out of a parachute and freefall, and can reopen chute there as long as they are not TOO close to the ground. Once player lands, there parachute will remove and they will receive damages normal again just before they land.

Using the respawn Button for Skyfall will Parachute player from random location behind Skyfall or plane. Having a respawning player actually sit in the chair correctly didnt seem to work well with any inherent latency. So I opted for just respawn and parachute for now.

Chaos Drop : When the authorized user activates this mode with the console command chaoscode. It will begin a countdown (time configurable). it will announce at the countdown start, 3/4 time, half time and 1/4 time left. Once it reaches Zero. Server will deploy ALL players on server to random Locations in the sky around the map with a parachute attached.
This can be used by many other plugins to do random events and whatnot. I do plan on adding more features to this Chaos drop.

Permissions : (not needed to use packs or respawn button)
ANYONE can use packs bought/found/traded And they can use the Skyfall Respawn button as long as they are not under cooldown (if enabled)

skyfall.use - allows authorized user to just spawn in the jump plane and use other special commands. More of a admin command to give yourself chutes or instantly go to skyfall plane.
NEW !! skyfall.localrespawn - allows authorized player to do a local Skyfall Respawn. Which they will respawn in the sky within a short distance from there corpse.
NOTE: if you want all players to bypass just enable the global config option. No perms needed.

skyfall.admin - allows authorized user to use admin commands. currently the chaos drop.
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