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TeleportGUI is just like your average TP plugin, except with an easy to use GUI.

It has a smaller GUI for smaller servers, which shows up to 25 players.

It also has a larger, paged UI, which shows up to 100 players per page.


TeleportGUI is also just like other TP plugins, if you're not a fan of UI's, you can still use the typical /tpr, /tpa, etc, commands.

- Supports key bind for toggling the GUI
- Full permission system, with configurable cooldowns for different permissions
- Admin bypass and admin silent teleport, which allows admins to teleport without requests and optionally without telling the other player
- Full language support
- Supports alias commands for opening the GUI
- Configurable time before teleport (after request is accepted, before the player is teleported)
- Saves players' cooldowns between reloads/restarts
- Supports both Economy and Server Rewards
- Blocks teleporting if crafting, bleeding, not in building privilege zone
- Support with plugins like raidblocker, so players will be unable to teleport if they are being raided
- Blocks teleport upon taking damage

- /tp - opens the tp GUI
- /tp {x} {y} {z} - teleports to co-ords (admin only)
- /tpr {player} - sends a tp request to {player}
- /tpa - accepts the incoming tp request
- /tpd - denies the incoming tp request
- /tpc - cancels the teleport
- /tpb - teleports you back
- /tphere - teleports someone to you

- teleportgui.use - used for most functions, you'll probably want to give this to all the players you want to let teleport
- teleportgui.tpback - access to the /tpb command
- teleportgui.tphere - access to the /tphere command
- teleportgui.tpcancel - access to the /tpcancel command. You may also want to give this to everyone
- teleportgui.sleepers - access to the sleepers menu. Keep this to admins as it's instant (there is no 'request')

- PrefixEnabled - Enable/disable the 'TP: ' prefix in chat messages
- PrefixText - Modify the 'TP: ' chat prefix
- DefaultTimeUntilTeleport - The default time after accepting a TP request until someone teleports
- TimeUntilTeleport - Permissions dictating the time until teleport for different users/groups
- TPComandAliases - Aliases to assign to the /tp command
- RequestTimeoutTime - The amount of time before a players' request times out
- DefaultCooldown - The default cooldown after teleporting
- Cooldowns - Permissions dictating the cooldown time for different users/groups
- DefaultDailyLimit - The default daily limit for teleports per day
- DailyLimit - Permissions dictating the daily limit for different users/groups
- AdminTPSilent - Send the recipient of an Admin TP a chat message when they are teleported to
- AdminTPEnabled - Allow instant teleportation for server admins
- AllowTeleportWhilstBleeding - Allow players to teleport while they're bleeding
- AllowTeleportToBuildBlockedPlayer - Allow teleporting to a player that is building blocked
- AllowTeleportFromBuildBlock - Allow teleporting out of a building blocked zone
- UseEconomicsPlugin - Enable/disable Economics plugin functionality (charging for teleports)
- EconomicsPrice - The price to charge a player per teleportation
- UseServerRewardsPlugin - Enable/disable ServerRewards plugin functionality (charging for teleports)
- ServerRewardsPrice - The price to charge a player per teleportation
- BlockTPCrafting - Block a player from teleporting if they're crafting
- AllowSpecialCharacters - Allow showing of special characters in player names on the TP GUI
- CancelTeleportOnDamage - Cancel teleporting if the player takes damage whilst teleporting
- CanTeleportIntoZone - Allow teleporting into a ZoneManager zone with 'notp' flag set
- CanTeleportFromZone - Allow teleporting out of a ZoneManager zone with the 'notp' flag set
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