remote turrets

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    Бесплатно DynamicCupShare 2.7.2

    Independent sharing functions for the following game components: Tool Cupboards Doors (with CodeLocks) BoxStorages (with CodeLocks) AutoTurrets Lockers (with CodeLocks) Quarries (blocks unwanted access) Automated self-authorization for fresh placed: Tool Cupboards AutoTurrets It provides...
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    [DE/EN] Rust-Royal [NoBlueprints NoBP / No Decay / Kits/Shop / TP]

    [DE/EN] Rust-Royal [NoBlueprints NoBP / No Decay / Kits/Shop / TP] *** welcome to Rust-Royal! *** 250 Slot Rust Server / 250 Слот-сервер Rust Noobs are welcome ! / Noobs приветствуются! Last WIPE: 09.02.2018 Server IP: Server IP: -...